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I. Overview of the Law Offices

Our professionalism and credibility is a guarantee that we provide the best service for clients and / or users of legal services.

Balimode Law Office is a business in the field of Legal Consultants which is a legal entity and was established by DIDIK SUPRIADI, S.H & Partners,  managed by senior and young advocates who are professional and with integrity. This Law Firm was established as a manifestation and commitment of the founders to participate in providing legal services and legal assistance in accordance with their respective fields of expertise.

Table of Contents

Balimode Law Office provides services in the field of legal litigation and non-litigation both incidental (case by case) and permanent (retainer) including consultation and advocacy in various fields of legal services.

Our team considers the lawyer as one of the main assets. They are encouraged to adopt a Preventive, Progressive and Proactive approach to the practice of Law. Balimode Law Office represent a variety of clients, ranging from individuals and legal entities both agencies and private.

Since its founding in early July of 2017,  Balimode Law Office has been dedicated to setting new standards of one-stop Legal services through Professional excellence and Personal Commitment. Quality advice, cost-effective and appropriate solutions by tackling Complex Legal problems with Creative and Flexible Solutions. We minimize risk by maximizing the results of the objectives desired by the client.

In Balimode Law Office, every lawyer has his own expertise. The combination of these skills leads to a Solid Team, and together with Clients the Team strives as much as possible to achieve optimal results.

II. Balimode Law Office Practice Area

Litigation is our specialty, we also expand our services in non litigation cases. Whatever the case, we help and represent clients with professional standards.

Our approach is the beginning of achieving a comprehensive understanding of the concerns facing the Client and achieving a goal desired by the Client, then we evaluate Factual and Legal arrangements, and formulate a strategy designed to achieve Client’s goals as quickly and efficiently as possible

Legal assistance services that we provide are still guided by the Professional Code of Ethics and the Advocate Law No.18 of 2003 concerning Advocates.

Our Practices including :

Criminal Issue

Balimode Law Office since its inception has established a good reputation for professional services and high quality in criminal matters. This reputation is based on a unique and innovative style of providing services to Clients and / or Legal Service Users, both in their status as: applicant, respondent, Reporter, Reported Party, Complainant, Complainant, Victim Witness, Crown Witness, and other witnesses , also related to his status as a Suspect and Defendant related to Criminal Acts regulated in the KUHP (General Crimes), as well as acts of general and specific criminal acts stipulated in the Regulations of the Republic of Indonesia such as:

  • Child Protection criminal offenses;
  • Narcotics Crimes;
  • Money Laundring
  • Corruption Crimes;
  • ITE Crime (Information and Electronic Transactions);
  • Pornography and Porn Action;
  • Criminal Act of Intellectual Property Rights;
  • Consumer Protection Crimes;
  • Immigration Crimes
  • Election and Election Criminal Acts, and so on.

As well as handling Criminal cases in the fields of: banking, land, trade, business, identity forgery, pornography cases, fraud and embezzlement cases, cases where some of the cases that we have and / or are currently handling are in the public spotlight such as: embezzlement, etc. . We offer optimal efforts to serve and assist and defend and defend Client’s rights in the legal process from the District Court to the Supreme Court. also during the Investigation at the Police and Attorney General’s Office. Where handling in criminal matters related to criminal sanctions is still based on the laws and regulations in force in Indonesia.

Corporate, Trade and Commercial Litigation

Our Law Office has extensive experience in handling Corporate, Commercial and Litigation cases, which are generally Civil cases, including:

* Pre Contract: Negotiations, Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), Feasibility Study

  (Due Diligence) and Advanced Negotiations.

* Contract: Contract making contract (Contract Dealling), Contract Drafting, Contract contracting, Contract Negotiation, Contract Finishing

* Post-Contract: Supervision of Rights and Obligations, Settlement of disputes, Alternative dispute resolution, Efforts to resolve legal disputes outside and inside the Court (Litigation and Non-litigation).

In essence, we assist clients from the initial stage, to provide legal assistance in the litigation process from the District Court. Religious Courts, Industrial Relations Courts, Commercial Courts to the Supreme Court.

General Corporate

The lawyers at our law office have experience in handling various important aspects of a company. These experiences entail each individual from starting to deal with new and emerging companies and assisting in negotiating and contracting, partnerships, conducting transactions, internal company disputes, RUPS (general meeting of shareholders), execution of mortgage rights, and corporate maintenance. We also assist you in managing company licensing, which includes:

* Trading Business License (SIUP), Company Registration Certificate (TDP), Taxpayer Identification Number (NPWP), Managing Regarding Amendments to the Company’s Articles of Association, Changes to AD / ART in the context of capital increase or reduction, Permit to disruption, Registration Certificate of Franchise Business (STPUW), PMA and PMDN Company Permit, Building Permit (IMB), Billboard License, Land Use Change License, Tourism Business License, Transportation Business Permit, Industrial Business Permit, Construction Services Business Permit, etc

Family law

We are very concerned with this issue, so we provide assistance and services to our clients (Litigation and Non-Litigation) at the District Court and / or Religious Court up to the Supreme Court, starting from the making of a prenuptial agreement to the divorce process. Including child custody, inheritance, adoption or adoption of children and maturity. As well as the settlement of other common household disputes such as: gono-gini property dispute management (joint property as well as husband and wife property), handling cases of Domestic Violence (Domestic Violence), Livelihoods that are not provided by the husband, etc. Where when problems in the family can no longer be fixed, we believe that the interests of a child are the most important.


Extensive insurance practices that include both the company and the interests of the insured in fulfilling their obligations, our team is very trusted in handling insurance or reinsurance fields based in the main business and financial centers. Our practice is recognized by insurance companies, bankruptcy insurance, or restructuring and we also handle litigation cases related to all aspects of insurance, as well as providing innovative solutions to complex problems. Our strength lies in understanding your business, we have qualified individuals and are fully committed to helping you with quality service.


Our office provides consultations to clients about all matters related to investing in Indonesia. Our Law Office gives clients a Legal opinion on Investments in making and revising Investment agreements that aim to minimize risk by conducting a Legal analysis of Investment agreements and conducting a legal audit of the company where the Client will invest with the aim of providing a clear picture of the situation Law of a company.


We represent individuals and companies engaged in mining, oil and gas. We handle the making, reviewing and advising clients on agreements and also in various matters relating to this field, such as labor issues, relations with vendors, and others. Our expertise includes assisting clients in litigation and non-litigation processes.

Agency and Distributorship

Our Law Office has extensive experience in handling issues in institutions and distribution, including making agreement documents, conducting registrations in relevant departments and handling disputes between distributors and or main agents.


Our office handles bankruptcy-related issues in a detailed, thorough and comprehensive manner while still referring to the standards of the Professional Code of Ethics and the Regulations and Regulations in force. In the Litigation Process assisting the Client in submitting Bankruptcy and PKPU requests (postponement of debt payment obligations). As well as attending, representing, and / or assisting the Client at each stage of the Litigation process up to the Post Decision that has permanent legal force (incraht van gewijs zaak), coordinating with related parties and others.

Land and Property

Lawyers in our office are of high quality and respect for dealing with land and property issues. In our region, the reputation of our Law Offices is known as the Law Offices who are competent to provide legal services to Clients in terms of providing Consultations that we analyze from the perspective of the Law and actual litigation practices.

Imigration Issue

Our practice provides advice regarding the full spectrum of Immigration Issues including the Management of Limited Stay Permits that have exceeded the validity period and Management of Documents for entry and stay in Indonesia, such as: Identity Card, Passport, Visa, Visit Permit or Limited Stay Permit, where We will later adjust the administrative evidence to the actual conditions of the foreigner concerned. We also provide legal advice and opinions such as due diligence regarding the applicable Foreign Investment (PMA) regulations and are not in conflict with Indonesian law, as well as other issues related to Immigration under the Law of the Republic of Indonesia No.6 of 2011 about Immigration.

Professionalism, Credibility and performance Our lawyer team made several companies in the form of PT, CV and UD in Bali appointed us to represent their interests which ultimately entrusted the Law Office “BALI MODE LAW OFFICE” to take care of and protect their legal interests.

Financing Details

BALI MODE LAW OFFICE, is a law office that is not solely Oriented profit but also provides services to disadvantaged people, for the sake of the duties and responsibilities of the Professional Advocate (Officium Nobile).

BALI MODE LAW OFFICE provides Litigation and Non-Litigation Legal Services, by applying the Lawyer Fee, Operational Fee and Sucses Fee systems, each of which we withdrew when the Power of Attorney was signed. This depends on the agreement and the cost that must be incurred according to the agreement. In every handling of the law, we also serve in a variety of languages that are used by our clients.

Thus our profile of the Law Office, following this Legal Service offering letter, is made by us, it can become a new solution to be able to form the best cooperation through two-way communication, which later the collaboration can be useful for our mutual progress in the future.

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