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IDR 24,999 Mil

Indonesia is considered as one of the potential markets for investment with competitive investment incentives, availability of resources and many other factors that attract investment both local and foreign. We help to provide for your plan to build own company in Indonesia and we serving with full service.

We help to start your invesment and legal from build a local PT or PMA by Lite Setup till Full Setup. investment and legal services that we provide:

  • PMA- Lite Setup
  • PMA- Full Setup
  • PT LOCAL- Lite Setup
  • PT LOCAL- Full Setup
  • Changing AKTA for PT or PMA
  • Zoning Information (Tata Ruang)
  • Location Permit ( Izin Lokasi)
  • Building Permit/IMB (Ijin Mendirikan Bangunan)
  • SITU Permit
  • Ijin Lingkungan (UKL/UPL)
  • Ijin Lingkungan (SPPL)
  • SKTU/ Surat Keterangan Tempat Usaha
  • Operational License (TDUP)
  • TDP Permit
  • NIB and OSS Process
  • Alcohol License (SIUP MB & NPPBKC)
  • BKPM Reports (LKPM)
  • CV/ Commanditaire Vennootschap – Setup
  • UD/Usaha Dagang – Setup
  • BPOM Hygiene License
  • Mandatory Manpower Report/Wajib Lapor Ketenagakerjaan
  • Closing PMA
  • Business Certificate From Association (LSU)
  • Underground Water Permit (ABT)


  • Proposed names of the company, min 3 choice, 3 character
  • Identity Card of the Commisionaire
  • Identity Card of the Director
  • Land Certificate and SPPT (tax for land)
  • Identity Card mentioned on Land Certificate
  • Building License Permit (Based on the Allocation of the Building) (Restaurant, Shop, Office)
  • Letter of Ownership Evidence Land/Building
  • Photo of the Director
  • Email address, phone number, address in origin country and address in Indonesia.

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