Legal Division

Since 2002 we have dedicated our professional life providing legal services to our Indonesian and foreign clients alike. Having specialized in legal entity forming for over a decade, Legal Division of PT. Bali Mode Indonesia has established its key ability to adapt with the ever changing regulations in order to meet our valued clients’ demands.

Our consultants are ready for consultancy by appointment, both in office or at your premises.

Our team is well trained in:

  • Legal Entity Establishments (all types of companies, foundation and organization) 

~guide your way through the maze of regulation and bureaucracy in order to establish your legal entity in the beautiful Indonesia.

  • Company Purchasing and Transfer

~performing the A to Z of papers and process for company buying or selling, including the due diligent and taxation clarification prior to the transfer contract.

  • Legal Advocating and Lawyer Appointment

~putting you in contact with our notable lawyers when things go beyond comprehension. With years of legal and case solving experiences, our recommended lawyers will be your trusted advisor.

  • Property Acquisition and Paperwork 

~working closely with you to protect your interest in property ownership in Indonesia. Name it land, house, villa, hotel or even a factory, leave your worry behind with us. With a skilled team and experience working side by side with authorities we guarantee the acquisition process will be as smooth as it should be with a wise service charge.

  • Mediation by Court Appointment

~We will arrange contact with our mediator when things outside the agreement happen. As case mediator with years of experiences, our recommended mediator will be your trusted advisor


If you have any question do not hesitate to contact us please send your inquiry with our contact form below, thank you.