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We provide Tax advice and BPJS for companies or individuals. For domestic businesses and multinational companies, tax compliance with an increase in the number of tax rules, stricter and coordinated enforcement of regulations by the tax authority, and staff limitations that continue to be a corporate challenge. As the business expands, the complexity of managing tax risk and meeting the tax reporting requirements multiplies.

We provide efficient and cost-effective tax compliance services with integrated tax technology in order to help companies achieve their goals with high quality and low cost compliance and we serving with full service.


Registration of NPWPD (Regional Taxpayer Identification Number) of Hotels, Restaurants, 
Entertainment, Parking

  • Fill out the Registration Form
  • Copy of owner / manager ID card
  • Photocopy of Permits owned
  • Photocopy of Company Establishment Certificate  (if the ownership is in the form of CV/ PT)
  • Copy of Contract and Lease Agreement (if the place of business has a lease / contract status)
  • Photocopy of Certificate (if the place of business is your own)
  • Business Location Photos Front View
  • Location / Place of Business Plan
  • Company brochure
  • Sales Recap Within 1 Month (restaurant)
  • Fill out the SPTPD Reporting Form Online

Registration of Personal NPWP (Taxpayer Identification Number )

  • Fill out the Registration Form
  • Photocopy of e-KTP
  • References letter

Registration of Company NPWP(Taxpayer Identification Number )

  • Fill out the Registration Form
  • Photocopy of Leadership e-KTP / One of the person in charge
  • Photocopy of NPWP Leader / One of the  person in charge
  • Photocopy of Company Permits

1. PPH 21( Income Tax Article )

Article 21 Income Tax according to Regulation of the Director General of Tax Number PER-32 / PJ / 2015 is a tax on income in the form of salary, wages, honorarium, benefits and other payments with names and in any form relating to work or position, services and activities carried out by private individuals who are domestic tax subjects.

 2. PP (Government Regulation)  23/2018 About Final PPH 0.5%

Taxpayers who have certain gross circulation subject to 0.5% Final Income Tax are:

  • Individual taxpayers
  • Corporate taxpayers in the form of cooperatives, CVs, firms, or PTs that receive or obtain income with a gross circulation of less than Rp. 4.8 billion.

The time limit given by the government for WP( Taxpayer) who wants to take advantage of the final 0.5% PPh rate is:

  • 7 years tax for individual WP.
  •  4 tax years for WP in the form of a cooperative, CV, or firm.
  • 3 tax years for WP corporate body in the form of PT.

After the deadline is over, WP will return to using the normal scheme as regulated by article 17 of Law No.36.

3. SPT (Notification) Annual Agency / Company

Annual Tax Return is a notification letter for a tax year. This is a type of tax reporting that is required by the corporate taxpayer in 1 year

4. Personal Annual SPT (Notification)

Annual Tax Return is a notification letter for a tax year. This is a type of tax reporting that must be done by individual taxpayers in 1 Year

BPJS KETENAGAKERJAAN  (Managing Social Security Employment Agency)

  • Fill out Form 1 (signed and company stamp)
  • Photocopy of SIUP / company permit
  • Photocopy of NPWP of the company
  • Fill out Form 1a for each workforce
  • Photocopy of each owner’s and employee’s e-KTP + Employee BPJS Card (if any)
  • Copies of passports and KITAS (if foreign participants)
  • List of salary in the form of excel with the attached format (then signed and company stamp)
  • Fill out the PRS (Payment Reminder System)  registration form

BPJS KESEHATAN (Health Social Security Administering Agency)

  • Fill out the registration form (stamped Rp.6,000.00, signed by the leadership and stamped by the company)
  • Fill out the Salary Reporting Statement
  • Fill in Power of Attorney to Use Online Application
  • Photocopy of SIUP / NIB / TDP
  • Photocopy of NPWP of the Company.
  • Photocopy of company leadership ID card.
  • Photocopy of each Employee e-KTP
  • Copies of passports and certificates (if foreign participants)
  • List of salary in excel form
  • Salary slip
  • Company Plan

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